Published: 2020-07-01


Rafael Balart Gimeno
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Scientific Paper

Estimation of the resistance effect in the short circuit current through a sensitivity analysis

José A. Moronta R., Claudio M. Rocco
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Moisture in Concrete Aggregates and its relation to the Dielectric Constant

Franco Abanto, Pedro Rotta, Luis La Madrid, Juan Soto, Gerson La Rosa, José Manrique, Gaby Ruiz, William Ipanaque
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Rapid prototyping in the manufacture of 3D printed molds for plastic blowing

Gilberto Carrillo, Carolina Nuila, Alejandro Laínez
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Proposal for implantation of a coffee drying greenhouse with parabolic cover and adapted modular structure

Bryan Briceño-Martínez, Jairo Castillo-Calderón, Rubén Carrión-Jaura, Diego Díaz-Sinche
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Control of a Power System based on Flywheel to mitigate the Voltage Sags at the Point of Common Coupling

Mauricio Orellana, Luis González Morales, Nuno Abreu Sousa
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Control for the output voltage on a flying capacitor multilevel inverter

Beatriz Angélica Aguilar-López, José Antonio Juárez-Abad, Jorge Luis Barahona-Avalos, Rosalino Mayoral-Lagunes, Jesús Linares-Flores, Marco Antonio Contreras-Ordaz
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Production of cabuya fiber in flat woven as reinforcement matrix for the construction of a rearview mirror

Luis Pruna; Fabián Velasco, Fabián Chachapoya, Cristian Paredes
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Monitoring Network to Automate the Cooling System of a Data Center

José Ignacio Vega Luna, Francisco Javier Sánchez-Rangel, Gerardo Salgado-Guzmán, José Francisco Cosme-Aceves, Víctor Noé Tapia-Vargas, Mario Alberto Lagos-Acosta
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Numerical Analisys of a Water Heating System Using a Flat Plate Solar Collector

William Quitiaquez, José Estupiñan-Campos, C.A. Isaza Roldán, Fernando Toapanta-Ramos, Andrés Lobato-Campoverde
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