Publications Board

PhD. Juan Cárdenas Tapia PRESIDENT
PhD. Javier Herrán Gómez ABYA-YALA
PhD. José Juncosa Blasco ABYA-YALA
PhD. Angel Torres-Toukoumidis UNIVERSITAS EDITOR
PhD. Jaime Padilla Verdugo ALTERIDAD EDITOR
MSc. Sheila Serrano Vincenti GRANJA EDITOR
MSc. Jorge Cueva Estrada RETOS EDITOR
PhD. John Calle Sigüencia INGENIUS EDITOR
PhD. Floralba Aguilar Gordón SOPHIA EDITOR
MSc. Betty Rodas Soto UTOPÍA EDITOR
MSc. Mónica Ruiz Vásquez NOTI-UPS EDITOR
MSc. David Armendáriz González WEB EDITOR
PhD. Luis Álvarez Rodas GENERAL EDITOR

Board of Management
PhD. Ángel Torres-Toukoumidis (OJS Support)
BSc. Soledad Aguilar (Marcalyc Support)
BSc. Christian Arpi (Community Managers Coordinator's team)

Publications Service
Hernán Hermosa (Coordination Abya-Yala)
Paulina Torres (Correction and style)
Martha Vinueza M. (Layout)
Marco Gutiérrez (Cover design)
Joaquín Crespo (Translation)

Editorial Abya Yala (Quito-Ecuador)
Avenida 12 de octubre N422 y Wilson, Bloque A, UPS Quito, Ecuador. Casilla 17-12-719 Teléfonos: (593-2) 3962800 ext. 2638 Correo electrónico:

Universidad Politécnica Salesiana from Ecuador contributes to the scientific excellence of the national and international academic community, sponsors maintaining six periodical scientific publications in various areas and disciplines of knowledge:




«Universitas» is a bilingual scientific publication of the Salesian Polytechnic University of Ecuador, published since January 2002 in an uninterrupted manner, with a semi-annual periodicity, specializing in Social and Human Sciences and its interdisiplinary lines: Sociology, Anthropology, Social Psychology, Social Development , Communities, Latin American Studies, Sociopolitical Processes, among others.



«Retos» is a bilingual scientific publication of the Salesian Polytechnic University of Ecuador, published since January 2011 in an uninterrupted manner, with a fixed semiannual period (1 April and 1 October), specialized in Development and its transdisciplinary lines as Public Administration, Social Economy, Marketing, Tourism, Entrepreneurship, Management, Administrativeand Economic Sciences, among others.


The goal of «Alteridad» is to contribute, from the Ibero-American context, to the socialization and debate of academic production in the field of Education, in the following lines: Curriculum and Cultures, Educational Policies and Teacher Training, Educational Evaluation, Education and Technologies, Special and Inclusive Education, and Education in relation to the other Social Sciences.


Sophia's goal is to theorize education from a philosophical point of view, with data from individual and collective psychology, teaching-learning experiences, sociology, culture and the development of empirical sciences, to renew, update and better articulate the conceptual, procedural and experiential level of education sciences.


«La Granja» (pISSN: 1390-3799, eISSN: 1390-8596) is an international, physical, electronic, bilingual and bimonthly journal dedicated to the publication of original scientific articles with acceptance and review by academic peers or scientific referees. La Granja is a journal dedicated to studies related to chemical, biological, environmental, health, agronomic, livestock and veterinary sciences.


Publication dedicated to studies related to the sciences of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Computer Sciences, the contributions are also integrated in what is now known as Mechatronics.

Journal History

Universitas UPS, Revista de Ciencias Sociales y Humanas from Universidad Politécnica Salesiana del Ecuador was released in 2002 with semiannual periodicity.