Structural and Modal Analysis Of Adapter Plates For Hydraulic Hammers And Skid Steers Under Real Work Condition

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Yuri Villa
Trevor Vook
Jorge L. Villa
Pablo Carbajal
Leonardo Barrera
Max Florez


In Perú the necessity of facility projects such as gas line installation for residents has increased the demand for use of Hydraulic Hammers (HH) with Skid Steers due to the lower amount of investment needed in comparison to other packs of machinery and the versatility. The ability to interchange hydraulic hammers and buckets to complete the demolition and cleaning stages offers higher productivity than manual operations for contractors. For that reason, the virtual design software Inventor Professional was used to design a suitable adapter plate with adequate resistance and durability which has a direct impact on the structure of the hydraulic hammer and the hydraulic arm of the skid steers. Simultaneously, a basic animation was developed to explain the effect of the operation style over the hydraulic hammer and the adapter plate. Finally, for this development, the construction of an adapter plate as a fuse in the system was considered in case operators exceed the resistance capacity of the hydraulic hammer structure.