Improvement of the lactose grinding process for a company manufacturing dairy products

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Darío J. Pinguil Loja
Víctor R. Lojano Pillco
Nelson G. Jara Cobos
Fran Z. Reinoso Avecillas


This research presents results obtained after having implemented an improvement in the lactose grinding process of a company which manufactures dairy products, the current situation of the process was determined identifying that in a continuous 48-hour grinding time, lactose particle size of 40.23 um. is obtained. After theoretical and experimental developed research process, it was obtained a fine grinding with a particle size of 22 um average in a grinding time of 5 continuous hours as the best option, using a drum mills with a volume of 25% grinding elements and 61 rpm operating speed, when using cylpebs which are specified in this research which generates savings in raw material (lactose), energy consumption and operation time of the grinding process.