Structural Analysis of a Long-distance Double-decker Bus During Crashes

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Jimmy Brito Morocho
Marco Amaya Pinos
Lopez López López
Fabricio Espinoza Molina


In this study, an analyze of frontal and lateral rollover collisions of a double-decker bus is carried out in accordance with Regulations 66 and 29 of the United Nations Economic Commission of Europe (UN/ECE), and the Ecuadorian Standardization Service Institute (INEN) with its normative 1323:2009. The INEN is on charge of regulating the approval of buses for Ecuadorian transportation passengers. The constant improvement of the active and passive safety of buses about accidents is currently a great social impact topic. In this context, the presented article analyzes the collision of a double-decker bus by applying the finite element method (FEM), in which is submitted to different collision scenarios such as, frontal impact and lateral overturning. In order to study the effects of different types of structure accidents which the regulations does not specific for this kind of vehicles. The obtained results allows to have different considerations at the design moment.