Support to the human talent subsystems, selection and recruitment from an expert system. Case study

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Karina Matute-Pinos
Rodolfo Bojorque-Chasi


Human talent management is a key factor in the success of organizations. The inclusion of people with disabilities in the work environment has helped to enhance their qualities and harness their talent. Many of the human talent management systems lack guidelines for the recruitment and selection of a person with a disability, this is why this work shows the study carried out on these two processes indicating the factors that influence the allocation or not of a position, where for each candidate it is considered the level and type of disability, level of education, experience, training among other aspects, focusing on the task of applying supervised learning techniques that enable us to classify a candidate with a disability as suitable or not for a job, and unsupervised learning techniques such as clustering that helps us define hidden patterns in the data, if any. The result obtained from the study presents some classifications techniques and the selection of the most appropriate one for the available dataset. It is not sought to integrate people through their disabilities, but quite the opposite, to integrate people based on the potential of all their abilities.