Call for Papers

Carbon Frontiers: Valorisation and Strategies for CO2 Mitigation

Issue 32- September, 2020

Subject Editors:
Ph.D. Fernando Bimbela (Spain)

Associate Editor:
Ph.D. Panagiotis Kechagiopoulos (United Kingdom)
Ph.D. Carlo Visconti (Italy)

Deadline: April 30th, 2020

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, especially CO2, is one of the main strategies for mitigating global warming and its negative effects on the planet. In this sense, this Special Issue of La Granja aims to remark the technological developments, opportunities and even limitations in the development of strategies based on capture, use-transformation, and storage of CO2, which can help accelerate scientific advances and promote new perspectives to tackle one of humanity's most important global problems, global warming.

Recognizing the diverse initiatives and nature of different technologies, La Granja invites researchers to submit high-quality and original research articles and review papers focused on fundamental processes and emerging strategies to fight against global warming in the following areas:


1.- CO2 Capture & Storage Technologies

2.- CO2 Conversion & utilization

3.- Policy and Regulation

4.- Others

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