Numerical simulation of the under-expanded flow in the experimental conical nozzle helios-x

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San Luis B. Tolentino Masgo
Richard Nakka
Simón Caraballo
Jorge Mírez


Numerical studies of the flow field for convergent-divergent nozzles with throat length, have reported fluctuations of the flow with oblique shock waves in the throat section, for the over-expanded flow condition. However, for other flow conditions, for the same type of nozzle, knowledge is limited. In the present work, the objective is to determine the behavior of the flow in the throat length and in the divergent, for an experimental conical nozzle classified as Helios-X, for the under-expanded flow condition. 2D numerical simulations of the flow field were performed with the ANSYS-Fluent version 12.1 code, applying the RANS model. The governing equations for compressible flow, conservation of mass, momentum, energy, and state were used; as well as, for turbulence, the Menter model SST  and for the viscosity as a function of temperature the Sutherland equation. In the section of the throat, adjacent to the wall, the flow presented fluctuations, in the axial symmetry the flow presented a stepped acceleration; in the divergent section, the flow slowed in a certain region, however, the flow exited the nozzle at a supersonic speed slightly greater than Mach 3. It is concluded that in the throat length section there is a flow pattern, as well as, in the divergent section.
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