Impacts on the consumption of electric power by the use of efficient refrigerators - Ecuador case

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Nelson G. Jara
Fran Z. Reinoso
Cesar Isaza-Roldán
Juan Leonardo Espinoz


This article presents an analysis of the impacts that the Renova Refrigerator program will have, on electricity consumption in Ecuador; the main objective of this program is to replace refrigerators that are more than 10 years old with efficient class “A” domestic refrigerators. The development and implementation of the program reduces energy consumption by 8\%, motivates people to use electric energy efficiently and encourages the national industry to use new technologies, which increases productivity and domestic product consumption.Additionally, in compliance with the current Ecuadorian and international regulations, the variation in electricity consumption of a domestic refrigerator is evaluated when it runs at the different temperatures determined by the thermal floors, which are very distinct in the Coast, Sierra and eastern regions of Ecuador.